Watch Leigh Anne when she was a volunteer Public Radio Talk Show​ Host (on-air @ 88.3FM via Zoom & Simulcast to YouTube. See all here on YouTube.)

4-1-21 Talk Show with Neil and Susan Silverman, Silverman Photography, The Sea Ranch, CA
4-22-21 Talk Show with Artists Arun Patel and Keith Wilson who were exhibiting at LyndonDesign Gallery and The Gualala Arts Center
6-11-21 Talk Show with Michael Barron-Wike Architect Energy Independent Designs – The Sea Ranch, Gualala, & Anchor Bay CA
7-20-21 Talk Show with Mendonoma Whale and Seal Study Scott and Tree Mercer
9-18-21 Talk Show on Mendocino Coastal Cleanup Day
9-29-21 Talk Show with Travel Personality Amanda Nelson (Exploring Amanda) about World Tourism Day
8-17-24 Talk Show with Mendoma Whale & Seal Study Scott & Tree Mercer

Hear Leigh Anne Rock Out on LA’s Rock Garden!

(Created in 2020 – year 1 of the pandemic – while volunteering for local public radio station KGUA-FM, Gualala, CA.

LA’s Rock Garden – Radio Promo Spot
LA’s Rock Garden Opening ID
LA’s Rock Garden Short Segue
LA’s Rock Garden 1-10-20 (first show on KGUA Public Radio, Gualala, CA)
LA’s Rock Garden 1-17-2020 (2nd show)
LA’s Rock Garden Valentine’s Day 2020
LA’s Rock Garden 4-24-20
LA’s Rock Garden 5-1-20
LA’s Rock Show 5-8-20
LA’s Rock Garden 6-5-2020 The 80s!
LA’s Rock Show 7-10-20 Dedication to Indigenous Peoples then Rockin’ Out
LA’s Rock Garden 7-17-20
LA’s Rock Garden 7-24-2020 Classic Rock
LA’s Rock Garden 8-14-20 Dan Fogelberg Tribute 1st Hour, Rocking Out 2nd Hour
LA’s Rock Garden 8-28-20
LA’s Rock Garden Christmas 2020
LA’s Rock Garden 5-20-2021

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