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In this historical drama TV series, Dr. John Osborne will create a four season script about the heyday of horse racing, when Hollywood celebrities were intertwined with the Howard Family through horseracing and the connection they all had to the incredible racehorse Seabiscuit, who was owned by the Howards. This series will bring to life the world of Hollywood and horseracing, the love and faith Charles and Marcella Howard had together, and when celebrities visit the Howard’s bucolic ranch in Northern California (the Home of Seabiscuit Ridgewood Ranch.) The backdrop is of an era when radio was king and the nation was struggling to survive in the Great Depression.

The series shows Singer Bing Crosby visiting Ridgewood over the years (in fact, so many times that the Howards assign him his own room where Bing carves musical symbols on the floorboards beneath the carpet) and how Bing creates a racing stables with Howard’s son Lindsey (Bing-Lin Stables.) Other scenes show actor John Wayne as he previews his movies in the Howard house, Shirley Temple as she learns to swim in the Howard’s pool, and Clark Gable and Carole Lombard as they visit Seabiscuit at Ridgewood. Throughout the series you will see the struggles they all endure amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and the damage the Great Depression wreaks throughout the country and people of this great nation. It’s a heart wrenching and heartwarming series wrapped up in love, heartache, loss, strength and courage.


We are planning to produce several podcasts this year, from one about the heyday of horse racing and all the Hollywood Celebrities who visited the Home of Seabiscuit, to one on Whales & Climate Change, to one on Fun Sports Connections.

Starting with Seabiscuit’s Home Podcast – when radio reigned in the 1930s and Hollywood was in its heyday, celebrities were drawn to horse racing, especially Seabiscuit, the underdog racehorse owned by Charles and Marcella Howard. In this podcast, we share stories about the Home of Seabiscuit, Ridgewood Ranch, in Northern California which many of these celebrities would visit when Seabiscuit was residing there between races, and after he retired there in the 1940s. John Wayne would screen his movies in the Howard’s home. Shirley Temple learned to swim in the Howard’s pool. Clark Cable and Carole Lombard would visit sometimes with their children, but Bing Crosby was the most frequent visitor of all. He even started and ran a racing stables with Charles Howard’s son, Lindsey which they called Bing-Lin stables. These and more stories about the love and faith Charles and Marcella shared we will share with you during this podcast we hope to launch in the Fall of 2022.

Back in the Saddle Again….

In the last quarter of 2021, after several years hiatus, Leigh Anne Lindsey restarted Sea Storm’s Production Studios with a goal to create a variety of productions, from documentaries to TV series to fictional films to podcasts, many of which have a horse-related theme. And by opening new offices in the Sea Ranch, CA at…