Current Projects

Seabiscuit’s Legacy is the current project in development (a feature-length inspirational documentary) for which the fiscal sponsor is the International Documentary Association in Los Angeles. Dr. John Osborne and Leigh Anne Lindsey are currently updating the script, creating a new sizzle reel, and a pitch deck for when we start fundraising in early 2022. They’ve recorded interviews and shot scenes for the film since 2015. After Leigh Anne Lindsey and Fundraiser/Marketer Paul Mundy raise the budget in 2022, Sea Storm Studios will be hiring top film production professionals to complete this documentary by the beginning of 2023. Lindsey is also involved as a consultant and producer in other productions in the works.

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Future Projects

These are projects that Lindsey envisions producing in the future. The list and order of projects are all subject to change.

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Past Projects

These include both Audio and Video Productions. The video productions page contains videos that Lindsey recorded, edited, and produced with her own voiceovers as either Sea Storm Studios or Out & About Media. (They date from 2013-2019 with the more recent videos showing that my editing skills improved over the years.) The Audio Productions page contains work that Lindsey did as a volunteer for public radio station KGUA 88.3FM in Gualala, Mendocino County, CA which spanned four years (January 2018-October 2021.)

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